Canada 1843 Wreck of the Cunard Ship Columbia Stampless Folded Letter SFL

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Stampless folded letter, with contents, datelined New Orleans, rated ‘25’ in manuscript, handstamped PAID in blue, postmarked "New Orleans JUN 19", endorsed "by Boston & Liverpool steamer July 1/43," carried on the Columbia which was wrecked on Seal Island, Nova Scotia, its mail and several passengers then carried on to the United Kingdom via the reserve steamer "Margaret" from Halifax, departing for Liverpool on July 9, handstamped "1/-" denoting the packet rate, London 25 JY 1843 and Southampton JY 26 backstamps, a superb and rare Cunard wreck cover. Built at Greenock, Scotland in 1840, the Cunard ship "Columbia" was one of the original four steamers of the Cunard Line. Leaving Boston on July 1, carrying mail and ninety passengers, the Columbia met heavy fog off Seal Island, Nova Scotia, the following day. It was wrecked on Black Ledges, with all passengers and crew safely rescused and brought to the nearby Seal Island lighthouse. The reserve steamer "Margaret," with Samuel Cunard himself aborad, was dispatched immediately from Halifax, and carried on the voyage to England. This was the final voyage of the Columbia.