Pelouze Evanston “Princess” Model 1958 Postal Scale

Pelouze Evanston Model M-1 “Princess” postal scale, with rates “effective Aug 1, 1958”, approximately 4.5cm x 9cm, x 8.5cm, better condition than often seen.

Essex Specialty Co. Montreal Vintage “Perfect Postal Scale”

Essex Specialty Co. of Montreal vintage “Perfect” model postage scale, circa 1930s, approx. 9cm W x 13.25cm H x 9.5cm D, with postage rate plate, some light scuffing, still attractive and uncommon.

Pelouze Evanston “Zephyr” Model 1977 Vintage Postal Scale

Pelouze of Evanston, Illinois, “Zephyr” Model postal scale, dated 1977, with rates on front and rate codes by zones adhesive on side, approximately 9.5cm W x 14cm H x 9cm D, a clean example of a more recent scale.

Track Corporation of Toronto “Penny Weight” Vintage Postal Scale

Track Corporation of Toronto “Penny Weight” Vintage postal scale, with postage rates, approximately 10cm W x 15.5cm H x 17cm D, a scarcer example from a Canadian manufacturer.

Triner Scale & Manufacturing c. 1930s Vintage “Precision” Postal Scale

Triner Scale & Manufacturing of Chicago, Illinois, vintage “Precision” model postal scale, approx 11cm W x 13.5cm H x 15cm D, with clean plate showing postal rates, difficult to find in such condition, a lovely item for a stamp den.

Lorraine Metal Manufacturing Vintage Postal Scale & Rates

Lorraine Metal Manufacturing of New York, New York, vintage postal scale, approx 4.25cm x 8.5cm x 7.5cm, showing foreign and domestic rates and corresponding weights and zones, a few spots, rate plate clean, attractive.

Kingsbury Manufacturing Co. Vintage Postal Scale

Kingsbury Manufacturing Co. of Keene, New Hampshire, Postal Scale, approximately 4.25cm x 8.5cm x 8cm, some foxing.