Rhodesia Sc #26-39 (1896) Coat of Arms Set VF Used
Rhodesia Sc #26-39 (1896) - 1/2d slate & violet to 10/- slate & carmine Coat of Arms, most with neatly-struck c.d.s. postmarks, the 2/6d and 3/- values with trivial shallow thins, an always-popular set, very fine appearance.
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Rhodesia Sc #43-9 (1896) Cape of Good Hope Overprint Bulawayo CDS Used Set
Rhodesia Sc #43-9 (1896) 1/2d slate to 1/- yellow on buff, issues of the Cape of Good Hope, overprinted in black, each with Bulawayo c.d.s., used during the Matabele Rebellion, a scarce group, very fine.
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