10pa brown & blue, four large margins, from position 19, postmarked with neat 783 numeral lozenge of BEIRUT in blue (Tchilinghirian fig. 216), a scarce and desirable example, very fine; with Zbigniew Mikulski certificate.
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20pa yellow green Duloz, horizontal strip of three, perforations reinforced with hinges, the odd irregular perf as often seen, cancelled with all-Arabic cancellation of YAMBOL - YANBOLU BULGARIA, a rare stike, particularly desirable as a multiple. (Agaogullari & Papuccuoglu RF "Rare")
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Antigua SG #5 (1863-7) 1d bright rosy mauve Strip A02 Used ex-Meyer
1d bright rosy mauve Victoria, rough perf 14 to 16, horizontal strip of four, each with neatly-struck A02, good colour and well-centered for this issue, a scarce and fine multiple; ex Frederick Meyer (October, 2004).
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Argentina 1858 San Miguel to Bordeaux France via UK Forwarding Agent Stampless FL
Stampless folded letter, with contents datelined San Miguel, 1 Sept 58, struck on front with circular PD in red, Liverpool (OC 4) and London FX PAID (OC 5) transits, ANGL / AMB CALAIS (5 Oct) entry mark, endorsed in manuscript on reverse "Forwarded by E. Zwilchenbart & Co " of Liverpool (unlisted in Rowe), backstamped Paris and "Paris A Bordeaux" (6 Oct), Bordeaux (7 Oct), a lovely transatlantic forwarding agent letter.
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Austria (Offices in the Levant) 1780 Disinfected Forwarding Agent Letter Constantinople to France
Stampless folded letter, with contents datelined Constantinople, October 24, 1780, to Marseilles, France, with manuscript Forwarding Agent notation “recue à Constantinople le 30 8bre 1780 & acheminée le 2 9bre Henry David & Cie” and “Netto di fuora Sporca di dentro” disinfection notation on reverse, rarely seen in manuscript, French straight-line “D’AUSTRICHE” marking on front and ‘34’ (sols) due marking, the entire with discoloration consistent with disinfection in vinegar, exceptional quality, discussed and illustrated in “Die Osterreichische Post in der Levante”, page 96.
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Bahamas Sc #2 (1861) 1d lake Victoria No Wmk Used w/A05 Cancel VF (SG 4)
1d lake Queen Victoria, no watermark, rough perforation 14 to 16, a pleasing rosy shade, nicely-centered with neat partial A05 cancel at upper left, much nicer than often seen, attractive and very fine. (S.G. 4)
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